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Unicorn is an international network of people who share: 8 fundamental ethical values:
Respect, Privacy, Security, Quality, Benefits, Influence, Family and Charity.


SafeZone is a special area on the internet,
where is guaranteed maximum privacy, maximum security and maximum quality,
both for companies with their sites and for users who browse there.


YEM Foundation is an international non-profit Association,
founded by more than 3,700 people from 157 different Nations in November 2017,
based in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA).
It has been accredited by the UN (United Nations Organization)
as NGO (Non-Governmental Organization).
The goal of the RCF is to allow any person in the world
to access the monetary system through a real virtual currency.
Currently, there are several billion people in the world,
who do not have a bank account or a credit card.
He is also an active member of the UIA (Union of International Associations).


The PERNUM system is built to mask all your private data,
including your phone number, your email address, your usernames,
your credit card information, your account numbers, your shipping address, etc.


YEMchain is the best of blockchain technology,
combined with all the cybersecurity features of SafeZone.
Transactions are fast, secure, transparent,
at low cost and with maximum privacy.
It is set up for a wide variety of smart contracts and digital assets:
from NFTs to fractional properties and utility bills, from cars to vacations.


Digital Wallet is the wallet where you can hold the Digitized Goods circulating in YEMchain,
with maximum privacy and security:
the YEM digital currency, international currencies such as USD and EURO,
cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin and Ethereum, precious metals such as gold and platinum,

real estate, art and collections, Corporate or Project Shares,
Coupons and Vouchers, Charity Goods and other resources.


Digital Exchange Center is the platform where you can trade
(buy and/or sell) digital assets set to YEMCHAIN.


On We Share Success you receive the Unicorn Network Benefits:
Commissions and Bonuses from the various sites both owners and Partners.


YourEveryDayShop is the everyday Marketplace,
where you can buy and sell products and services with YEM and YEM Cashback!
As a private individual you can sell your items, even used ones.
As a shop or professional you can sell products and services.
As an Affiliate you can earn money and YEM through sales commissions.

Your Everyday Shop Open an Online Store Earn Money as an Affiliate Shop Creation Guide


Shopping Compass is the Search Engine for Offers,
from all parts of the world,
which can be paid in YEM.


On Shopping Compass you can advertise your products or services for free,
also payable partially in YEM.


Solario is a crowdfunding to support the Energy Revolution.
It transforms every home, every machine and many other devices into Micro Power Grids,
connecting them to create local Micro Electricity Grids and,
at the same time, drastically reducing energy costs.


The world of mobility is changing rapidly.
Leasing, long-term rental, short-term rental,
ride sharing, car sharing, car pooling,
fractional ownership and full ownership:
with DRYVE ME all combined in a single business model.
Everyone can always find their best solution whenever they need a car.


With the International Vacation Club (IVC)
your dream vacation will finally be possible!
IVC always has an unbeatable offer for you,
indiferent if it is a cruise, a visit to the city,
of a beach holiday or a white holiday,
or a private jet, worldwide.


The SEARCH ENGINE that protects your PRIVACY 100%,
no TRACKING for advertising,
no DATA COLLECTION on your searches.
You are also rewarded with DIGITAL REWARDS,
every day, up to 25 searches.


There are 3 ways to support the YEM Foundation and the YEM digital currency:
By purchasing items from the YEM IS KING store.
By depositing part of your YEM in the Proof of Stake, from 1 to 12 months,
receiving a reward in exchange.
By purchasing some YEM Supporters Club Token (YSC1),
receiving in exchange, the sharing of 10% of the commissions accrued
in the Digital Exchange Center platform,
among all holders of the YSC1 token.


Every day, in the daily free lottery,
a new winning number is drawn, consisting of 4 digits.
Each member has one free spin per day.
You win by matching at least the last 2 digits,
or 3 or all 4 figures, with increasing prize.
Daily winners receive their prizes automatically in their Digital Wallet.


Every day, on PrizeMania,
a PerNum is drawn that wins FYEM worth €1000.
Furthermore you can win ebooks, smartphones, jewellery,
shopping vouchers, surprise gifts and even a cash jackpot.
Every 10 minutes a new winner is drawn with the 6 rotating prizes.


With YEM Bet you can HAVE FUN predicting the RESULTS
of the FOOTBALL MATCHES of the main international events:
FIFA WORLD CUP, UEFA European Football Championship, UEFA NATIONS LEAGUE, etc.
both male and female. PARTICIPATION IS FREE!
The more correct predictions you make, the more you can win.


Join this Consumer Cooperative
which allows members to improve their standard of living
in health, economic, financial, social and cultural terms,
and at the same time to contribute to the protection and promotion of the environment, nature,
the health and satisfaction of the general public.


Digital Loyalty is a specific Customer Loyalty network for Companies at both a Global and Local level.


It is part of the Customer Loyalty Program for Companies,
that constantly brings New Customers, continuously generates Revenue,
capable of expanding the Corporate market from local to global,
both online and in person.


Earn Digital Rewards as a reward for your activity on participating websites
and spend them at participating stores.


Earn Digital Prizes by playing games for free on different websites
and spend them at participating stores.




Access to the SAFEZONE

To be able to access one of the numerous sites
that are part of the SafeZone are necessary:
the PerNum, the PassWord and the MasterPin.

The PerNum is a 10-digit number
which is given to you for free during registration.

The MasterPin is a 6-digit number,
to be kept absolutely secret, and never to be forgotten.
When you log in, you will be randomly asked for 3 of these 6 digits:
you will be shown the position of the digits within the MasterPin.

If you are NOT already registered on one of the SAFEZONE platforms
Register here


Verify your Identity

Know your customer (KYC) is mandatory in many sectors.
To be able to carry out economic transactions
on the numerous SafeZone platforms
it is necessary to Verify your Identity.

First Log in to and
make sure you correctly carry out the 12 STEPS required..

Subsequently log in to,
make a payment of $10,
and make sure you carry out all the required STEPS correctly.

you will be able to operate on all SafeZone platforms without limitations.
The verification is valid for one year.



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