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1 YEM = $0.9024

How you can Get
YEM for free

REGISTRATION: 20 YEM free as a Welcome Bonus.
WAZZUB: 0.05 YEM free for each post in the discussion Forum.
PRIZEMANIA: Daily Draw of a Winner (1,000 YEM).
Hourly Draw of 6 Prizes: in USD, YEM, jewelry, smartphone, ebook, surprise gift.

TWNKLSOCCER: free YEM for good predictions in Football Matches of International Championships.
BIGGEST TALENT: free YEM for each vote to the Talents during the Music Competition.
TWNKLCHAIN: Minimum 1 YEM per month, for every thousand YEM deposited in the Proof of Stake.
Minimum Deposit: 100 thousand YEM.

THINK TANK: free YEM for new or improved ideas of SafeZone Projects. See Think Tank Rules on the platform.
SAFEZONE RADIO SHOW: free YEM every Week, for a Winner Listener.
GIOCO NATALIZIO: free YEM to the Winner.

..... and many other OPPORTUNITIES are coming soon .....


How you can Earn
Commissions and Bonuses in USD or YEM

WESHARESUCCESS: Commissions and Bonuses in USD or YEM, earned on other SafeZone platforms,
are registered on this platform.

PERNUM: on the Wallet of this platform you will find all your YEM and other Cryptocurrencies.
SOLARIO: Commissions and Bonuses in USD or YEM, see on WeShareSuccess in the CAMPAIGNS section.
Sector: Solar Energy.

INTERNATIONAL VACATION CLUB: Commissions and Bonuses in YEM, see on WSS. Sector: Vacation Club.
TWNKLESTATE: Commissions and Bonuses in YEM. Sector: Real Estate.
TWNKLCARS: Commissions and Bonuses in YEM. Sector: Motor Vehicles.
TWNKLSHOP: Commissions and Bonuses in YEM. Sector: Luxury Articles.
TWNKLSHOP WISHLIST: a free Luxury Article, proposed by you in the WishList
and that it has been approved and listed onnTWNKLSHOP. Sector: Luxury Articles.

CASHBACK MARKETING: Commissions and Bonuses in USD or YEM. Sector: Advertising and Marketing Tools.
TWNKLBDS: Auction Sale of Products and Services with Payment in YEM.
YEM COINS: Commissions and Bonuses in USD. Sector: Collector Coins.
EEBOOX: Commissions and Bonuses in YEM. Sector: Digital Books.

..... and many other OPPORTUNITIES are coming soon .....


Digital Assets

YEM: Cryptocurrency for Daily Use.
Sector Cryptocurrencies: TEC, Real Estate; TMC, Mobility; TVC, Vacation; TSHC, Shopping.
Coupons: SOLR, Solar Energy; CBMT e CBMD, Advertising and Marketing Tools.
Real Estate Properties: proposals on TWNKLESTATE.

..... Gold, Oil, Technologies, Art/Collections are coming soon .....



How do you enter the
SAFEZONE platforms?

You need to have:
the PerNum, the PassWord and the MasterPin.

PerNum is a 10-digit number
which is assigned to you for free during registration.

MasterPin is a 6-digit number,
to be kept absolutely secret, and never to be forgotten.
If you forget, it costs USD 25 to get a new one.
When logging in, you will be casually asked for 3 of these 6 digits.
It is shown to you the position of the digits within the MasterPin.


If you are already registered
on one of the SAFEZONE platforms
you can enter
only by retrieving the login credentials:
PerNum, Password and MasterPin.